Selrico serves the Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center

Selrico Services currently provides high-quality, nourishing meals three times per day to over 200 juvenile inmates and officers in the Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center.

Following National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs, Selrico serves nutritious, kid-approved meals to juveniles while maintaining all Commission on Jail Standards. We work alongside our clients to ensure we follow required protocols, support their specific needs, and keep up with the ongoing schedule these facilities require.

Since this facility is for minors, it is important to us that our menus provide the required nutrition, but also help juveniles learn to eat healthy food. Our goal is to provide juveniles with the nourishment they need that will help create lifelong healthy habits.

Our services include:

• Three meals per day for both juvenile inmates and officers
• Special diet options that accommodate medical issues and religious requirements
• Holiday Meals
• Incentive Meals for good behavior
• Covid-19 safety protocols
• A registered dietician on staff to resolve special needs such as specific allergies
Our experience providing school lunches, has given us the necessary insight to address all of the needs of the Juvenile Detention Center. We know how difficult it can be to ensure that these juveniles eat a well-balanced meal, especially when on a tightly regulated schedule. At Selrico, our team is committed to the well-being of each juvenile inmate and officer we serve.

We take great pride in providing nutritious food, that will help young people discover healthy meals, and create excitement for eating healthfully. We promote nutritious foods to help our customers live long, healthy lives and form good habits through well-balanced, nutrition.