Serving high-quality food with great customer service

We understand that the food you serve is a reflection of your organization. It not only fills people’s stomachs, it impacts their energy, productivity, even morale. Giving people satisfying, nutritious food, and providing a great dining experience makes a big difference in our clients’ success.

Selrico is committed to providing the highest quality food experience for our clients. We produce more than 15 million meals a year for U.S. soldiers, business people, seniors, college students and school children. We also prepare and deliver hot, fresh meals to nearly 10,000 senior citizens each day. We work hard to ensure our services are the best quality in the industry for a competitive price.

For more than 30 years, our foodservice efforts have led to a long list of awards and accolades from our customers. Our recipe for success is simple: we combine quality ingredients and appealing menus to create nutritious food that tastes great. Then we add excellent customer service, including:

  • Special requests. Selrico offers a wide variety of menu options with something for everyone. We accommodate special requests, including specific dietary needs like diabetic, kosher, low-sodium, vegetarian, gluten free, and heart-healthy dishes. Let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen!
  • Creative recipes and inspired menus. Our customers enjoy the diversity of our offerings and the healthy balance of flavor and nutrition in our meals.
  • Expert leadership to consistently maintain top quality in our service and dining experiences. With Selrico, you’ll get an experienced and passionate team committed to the well-being and satisfaction of each person we serve in every community, including disadvantaged populations.
  • Putting health first. From fresh produce markets just for seniors to teaching gardens for young children, we promote nutritious foods to all ages to help our customers live longer, healthier lives through good food. Our registered dietitian leads cooking demonstrations and offers healthy tips and recipes to our senior populations.
  • Variety. Our large variety of foods include selections from our internal brands: Stir It Up Asian Cuisine, Southern Skillet, Ricardo’s Italian, Casa Grill, Fresh Cravings Salad Bar, and the Fill ‘Er Up Drink Station, along with franchises including Blimpie Sub Sandwiches and Starbucks Café.

Our Customers

We prepare meals for:
Seniors: Our senior clients depend on us for good, nutritious food, and we take pride in serving them. We prepare meals in congregate settings and also prepare both fresh and shelf-stable meals for home delivery, which includes wellness checks and a friendly smile. Selrico takes senior nutrition seriously. We successfully reduced the sodium content in our meals for seniors in 2015, making it easier for meals to meet the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. We bring fresh produce to senior centers to Produce Market Days, where seniors can purchase everything from apples to zucchini for $1 a basket, while our registered dietitian provides cooking demonstrations and senior-friendly recipes.

Students: On college campuses, we provide cafeteria-style meal service and also offer grab-and-go items and pizza to faculty and administration on-site. For younger school children, Selrico serves up nutritious, kid-approved meals and snacks, along with special extras such as teaching gardens and cooking demonstrations to help cultivate excitement for eating healthfully. Our goal is to help children discover and enjoy new healthy foods to create healthy habits for a lifetime.

Corporate Employees: We provide high-quality, nourishing, and delicious meals that fuel employees throughout their workday.

The Military: As a veteran-owned company, we understand the needs of our troops, wherever their mission takes them. We have served military members on four different continents, ranging from upscale dining experiences for three-star generals to constructing and operating the Bob Hope Dining Facility in Baghdad, with the capacity to serve 32,000 meals each day.

Taste for yourself!

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I would like commend the manager (of Loftin Cafeteria at SAC). He has brought a whole new look and feel to the (cafeteria). The food is much better. It’s fresher, more appealing to the eye and the appetite. The whole area is MUCH cleaner and more organized. Even the employees seem happier.

C. Shively, Cafeteria Patron