Logistics / Support

Moving supplies and people throughout the world

Wherever your operations take you, you need timely and reliable delivery of goods and services.

Selrico provides expert transportation and field logistics services to clients around the globe. Even in difficult conditions or remote locations, count on our experienced team to get the job done reliably, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Our comprehensive resources enable us to support both military and civilian clients anywhere in the world. Selrico works with a global network of trusted vendors to handle the most complex of logistics.

Our job is to make your job easier. That means that your Selrico team carefully manages your project from beginning to end. Last-minute changes or requests? No problem.

Here are some of the ways we take care of your people so you can take care of your mission:

  • Shelters, from training camps to fully-temperature controlled Sprung structures with recreation centers, gyms, showers, laundry facilities, and latrines.
  • Our 16,000-square-foot food production facility is capable of creating 120,000 shelf-stable meals per day.
  • Our fleet of five 53-foot mobile kitchens can accommodate emergency feeding anywhere, any time.
  • Quick deployment to respond to urgent needs. The United States government regularly calls on Selrico for fast, expert emergency response and disaster support in a wide range of situations.

When your organization faces an emergency, Selrico Services is ready to help.

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ISO Certified
Selrico Services is ISO certified, meeting world-class standards for our products, services, and systems. Our ISO certification ensures that our products and services are continually reviewed and measured for quality, safety, and reliability by the International Organization for Standardization. Meeting ISO standards help us maintain consistently high quality in our work and improve continuously while increasing productivity and minimizing waste and errors.